After more than ten years of our website in version 1.0, it is a great satisfaction to be able to present this version 2.0 that is now being released.

Its shape and design has changed, incorporating new technology to make the user interface more friendly, intuitive and secure. However, the structure and content continue to respond to the same philosophy of the first day, and that is none other than to achieve an agile, clear and secure communication channel between the laboratory and its interlocutors, in particular its clients.

This channel offers complete information on the laboratory, its values, its professionals, its portfolio of services, and allows the download of analytical reports for the customer’s convenience. On the other hand, pretending to serve as a contact point to answer technical doubts, requests for proposals, curriculum for selection processes and satisfaction surveys.

As technology allows, new services will be incorporated to enrich this relationship between the laboratory and its interlocutors, especially its customers. In the hope that this innovation will be to your liking, we invite you to go through it calmly and send us any suggestions for improvement you may have in this regard.

Thank you.


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