In order to help you know if you have passed the infection or not, or if you are a carrier of the virus and are in the infection phase, Dr. Goya analysis offers you two types of tests, which are carried out in a room for exclusive use for this purpose, located at  Vía Complutense nº 73and independent of the usual blood work room used for the rest of the analysis:  

  • TPCR test / ANTIGEN test: : It consists of a nasopharyngeal intake and is the most valid test for an early diagnosis of COVID-19 infection, given its high sensitivity to detect the virus from the first days after infection.
  • IgM / IgG ANTIBODY Test: : It consists of a venous blood test and is useful for diagnosis in advanced stages of infection, in which the viral load is no longer detectable in PCR. With this assay, the detection and counting of antibodies is carried out with Elisa and Immunochemiluminescence techniques.  


  • ESSENTIAL APPOINTMENT, by calling teléfono 91 889 36 00. We can assist you every day from  Monday to Friday, from  08:00 a 11:30h.

Additional Information:

  • PCR Results in 24 h
  • ANTIGEN results: 1 hour
  • Antibody results within the same week

Download the results report via the laboratory’s website. IF you are going to travel abroad, you can have your report in English.


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